Hawt stock for hot weather

Hawt stock for hot weather

So, it’s pretty hot right?

I’ve been updating the Etsy store accordingly, and squeezed in a little shoot with my favourite model Geri!


I also branched out into more of the handpainted range – pretty challenging with upcycled stock as you never really know what you’re getting to paint on, but hey, that’s the fun of it!

I LOVE paiting on denim jackets at the moment, especially running off these wolf designs….


…and i’m getting to work on more of the Derby Grrls as they seemed super popular!


More soon! Give the store a look for more updates, or check out the Facebook page xx


Upcycling ideas

Upcycling ideas

This guy has a neat little shop on Etsy that i found via one of my upcycling groups – what a great idea this is!


I’ve made my own t-shirt yarn before, but never to this standard or with patterns. Awesome, go Mike!