About Kecks Clothing

At Kecks, we’re about all things upcycling. We cut, snip, stitch, weave, plait, paint, bleach, dye, use, re-use and re-use again, to keep clothes from landfill and reduce the UK’s currently phenomenal output of textile waste. We consider ourselves two fingers to throwaway fashion, aiming for sustainability and practicality, upcycling clothes to fit real human bodies and that last, that offer durability, quality and, of course, style. Wear your clothes until they’re actually worn, they aren’t waste until you’ve wasted them. We strive to educate, to teach through workshops and seminars how you -yes, you– can lead environmentally-conscientious lifestyles and upcycling’s place within that, and are equally always open to collaborate.

Get in touch, we’ll always be happy to hear from you.

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