Most people planning the refit of a retail space would bob along to B&Q and buy a few fittings, maybe  a rail or two, and go about their opening. Not Kecks, we like to think outside the box a little, and so our Upcycling Lounge refit will be sourced entirely from reuse!

Starting my second upcycled shop refit, i have been reminded of the sheer scale of materials available to those looking to use second hand resources. Of course, working within the business, the stuff crops up during the working week: but networks like Bristol Reuse are striving to make them accessible to the public.

Often what is needed, is a bit of a rethink of what is necessary in a business: what must be bought new, and what can be borrowed, or reused.

In a recent t-shirt upcycling workshop with Call of the Brave we reproduced handpicked designers from local artists, and transferred then onto reworked t-shirts, using hand made stencils.



The results were great, a brilliant day all round, and Call of the Brave now have an upcycled option alongside their ethically sourced tees: check out their crowd funded designs!

We also managed to catch up with Made in Bristol TV to film the first of our features on their ‘Thrifty Thursday’ pieces. This time we took second hand clothing from Emmaus and showed people how to make their festival wardrobe by repurposing and restyling what they already own!

So, in both cases, materials already exist to suit peoples needs – all we have done is facilitate that. Simple!


So with the Upcycling Lounge set to launch in 2 weeks (eeek), we at Kecks are hoping to once again inspire reuse at every stage of the project.

Step one:our fixtures, fittings, and paint….all in tomorrows blog!



3 thoughts on “Making something from nothing: A reuse challenge

  1. We are trying to get our heads around what you are doing. Like you we love reuse and applaud it in all its guises. Are you a not for profit business or charity? Or is this a personal retail venture with scavenged items? To follow we are seeking some clarification. We are in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you.

    1. Hey, Kecks is a private company, but we have teamed up with Emmaus – a charity- to revamp their clothes department and give them an emphasis on reuse. Proceeds will go to Emmaus and we will pay commission on any items we sell in the shop.
      Love to hear of reuse lovers down under!xx

      1. Hi there Helen, we look forward to following now that we better understand. Thank you for sharing the joy of reuse. Us RUDIES are showcasing our own personal reuse and repair lifestyle in an effort to say no to landfill. We hope to encourage others to think twice about throwing stuff away that is perfectly good. All the best with your joint venture!! xx

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