Ok, so I have had MANY enquiries as to how i made my little upcycled turban the other day….so I did a super quick tutorial for you to get going on your own!

ImageWhat you need:

  • An old t-shirt or other spare material
  • pins
  • needle and thread
  • scissors

ImageLay the material flat and cut out a rectangular strip from one side of the tshirt incorporaing both back and front, of about 30cm in width, from the neck to the hem. Cut a piece the same length, but half the width from the remaining side, leaving the side hem in tact.

ImageImageFold the same sized pieces in half, with the inside out, pin along the edge and sew.


ImageTurn inside out so the hem is hidden.


ImageTake the resulting pieces, cross over, and form a figure 8 shape.


ImagePin and sew the remaining piece, then turn inside out.

ImageTurn the raw hem of the thinner piece inside.

ImageTuck the ends of the figure 8 piece inside the ends of the thinner piece, pin and sew.

ImageImageImageImageTa dah! But please sew yours more carefully as i rushed mine a bit xx

ImageImageStretchy materials provide a more snug, sporty fit for use in the gym, keeping hair out of your face etc. More fancy materials work for every day wear and special occasions – add brooches, studs, or even feathers for next level glam xx


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