As much as I am an upcycling buff, and determined business woman,  I am a mere empty shell without music in my life.

So I’ve gone all self-indulgent and created a top 13 songs of 2013 list – not all of the songs were released this year, but in some way they have rocked my little world in the last 365 days.

1) Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N feat Erykah Badu

Not a lot not to love here – its enhanced 100% by the video for me. Perfect motivational gear for small business owners and general world citizens alike. Plus Monae is a right role model and a half – daaayum that tailoring is good!

2) The Dillinger Escape Plan – When I Lost My Bet

Drastic change of pace here, but underneath my skin runs a rich vein of metal (hence all the studs and slashed tees in the Kecks collections i guess), and i love loud schitzo music. Greg Puciato has a great set of pipes too. Be warned, the video has its fair share of intestine mask wielding scary folk  Pretty.

3) Jack White – Top Yourself

I only really got in to Jacky’s music this year, having loved his Dead Weather work with my beloved Alison Mosshart. This AMEX live performance is worth watching if you have a spare evening, and this is one little saucy little number from it. Hot tamales.

Jack swaps between male and female bands, and they are all this well decked out. Now that’s what I call style.

4) Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog

Before Beyonce bust out Single Ladies, there was BMT with Hound Dog. Every gal needs songs to give bad doggies the brush off, and this is a great one.

5) Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

From the patchy AM album released this year, this rings out as a real stand alone track for me.

Plus, i have a penchant for those wiry little Indie boys like Alex Turner and his jangly guitar. Lets not discuss his hair. Bless.

6) The National – Demons

if you havent heard The National yet, you will soon. Go see them live – they are crazy bonkers good.

Do not listen to unless you are sort of ok in yourself…

7) Deap Vally – Make my Own Money

I’m clearly not trying to be cool here, I just LOVE these guys. Big hair, short shorts, cut up t-shirts? My kind of women! Plus this in your face big guitar independent woman tune. I bought some of their merch pants I love them so much. Whatever.

8) Savages – She Will

Yes they sound like New Order / Siouxsie Sioux. I don’t care. I love the masculine tailoring, disciplined tightness and humourless delivery of this band. Not everything has to be frivolous!

9) Policia – Amongster

This is just so bombastic a track with its altered states and crescendo. I love it. The lyrics are well buried in there, but worth digging out for a read.

10) My Ruin – Ready For Blood

More metal and from an old album, but this has been on repeat on the old i pod and proved most motivating for a work out.

Angry brunettes, gotta love us eh?

11) Lana Del Ray – Ride

Because falling out of love with someone after a really long time is difficult and wonderful, and this song is that.

End of.

12) Nick Cave – Hold On To Yourself

This song appeared from nowhere into my sphere, and has kept popping throughout 2013. It seems very important and, of course, Cave has magical powers.

13) Cat Power – Bully

Cat is another magical being, and this performance really got me in the belly.

Wonderfully articulated.


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