Easily the biggest question i have faced on the road to self employment is that of money – whether it’s covering childcare costs, or the long term financial viability of my business. It’s in no way simple, and i am no great financial mind. Not at all.

However, having been a single parent on and off for 7 years now, battling the benefits system and ruthless employers has given me the inate frugality required to face the inevitable poverty of a start up period, and the sheer bloody mindedness to make work where there is none of a sustainable nature for people in my situation.

I am applying for funding on the New Enterprise Allowance, and a possible loan to cover my start up costs.


BRAVE offered great free workshops to get me to this point – covering all aspects of developing a business idea from initial ideas to marketing.


For those on benefits who are thinking of the NEA route, the course and advice from the Bristol Debt Advisory Service was invaluable. They are a really great bunch of people, and do it all gratis. Good eh?


When it’s all so baffling, it’s nice to have a bit of help.

So, here we go, wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Money money money.

  1. I do wish you the greatest of luck! 🙂 (Only I wish the Tories were being a TAD more “generous” with the “New” Enterprise Allowance THIS time around.. :/

    (Liz, Cornwall-dweller: @oneoflokis on Twitter.)

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